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Itunes 9.0.1 Released

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I don't own an iPod either. Never have. Been eying up the iPhone, though...


For years I resisted the iPod and insisted that CD's were the only way to listen to music. Well, I finally broke down and bought a 120GB iPod Classic and have about 1/2 my CD collection in it (so far). With a proper dock that interfaces with your stereo, it is so much easier to find what you want to listen to this way. Instead of hunting for a CD, I scroll a menu on the TV and push "Play". Of course, how you load your music into iTunes/iPod is important, particularly proper assignment of genre so you can group similar artists together for quick plays.


The latest iTunes plus compression sounds pretty darned good and it is very difficult to hear the difference between that and the actual CD. For really complex music, I also rip at 320k. One reason whi I bought the large capacity iPod.



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