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Support Connection And/or Online Meeting


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If you have ever needed to connect into someone else's computer to help them or want them to connect to your computer to show them something, it usually costs quite a bit of frustration and money.


There are services like gotomeeting.com and others that give a free trial for a limited time. But I have found a service where there is no charge at anytime. Not a trial. Just free.



- Free, not a trial

- PC or Mac

- Connect from 2 to 19 users at one time (perfect for meetings online)

- Can switch presenter. Start with person 1 hosting (their computer is seen by everyone) then switch to showing person 2 computer.

- The presenter can choose to allow one of the users to just point at things OR take control of their machine and can always STOP the control.

- Encrypted

- Whiteboard can be turned on, cleared and off (write directly on the screen (circle, underline, etc)

- Personal and Commercial users allowed.

- Can be turned off and not start with computer each time.

- Tiny program.


- Antivirus & Firewall settings are automatic with many softwares...no effort needed for most folks.


My personal experience with the program has been excellent so I am telling folks about it. I have used it:

- for business (to support a colleague and get her emails running again and other issues). Connection for 45 minutes, solid, very little lag time (less than PC ANYWHERE). Took about 2 minutes for each of us to install the software and another minute to connect. SIMPLE controls and very usable even by non-tech types.

- for personal to show what was on my computer to someone else and see their machine too. Simply by switching presenter, we were able to each see.


HIGHLY recommend you try this tiny piece of software if you need a support or meeting type software.

(I get NOTHING for my recommendation or for your use of the software and I am not affiliated with them in any way).

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Bruce, this software may not fit your needs.

Mikogo is not designed for you to reach into your own computer remotely unless someone is there to join a session for you.


It is designed for two or more people to work together for presentations and/or support.

EASY way to get someone's settings corrected, etc.


I like it because I can use it freely in a commercial environment. Have personally used this thing about 6 times in a week. Saved a TON of time. If we were to upgrade it to BeamYourScreen (paid version), no "stub" would need to be installed by the attendees. They would just visit the HTML page you specify.


Besides collegues, I have had my mother install it, will have my brother install it on his new pc next week so it will be easier to help him when he calls for assistance.


When I come across something that makes me rave, really fits a need, I like to share the good news. Hope that someone else finds it as helpful as I do.

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Yes, I have used other free programs similar to this. I was looking at more for commercial support. If I can walk a user through installing the piece needed on their end would make it pretty simple.


When I mentioned Logmein, I use it on my parents machine. I installed it under my account as one of the machines I connect too. Makes it pretty easy when they are having a problem for me to just pop in and fix it.


I also use it to connect to my desktop at home when I am at work. And I set it up to access my work desktop from home if I decide I want to take a day off. :)

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I use PC Anywhere from home to work, home to mother's PC for most of the connections.

Have done so for about 9 years now. Used to set it from work to home but not any more.

PCA allowed me to work from home all of last week when I was sneezing and coughing my head off. :)


But that sofware is not designed to have the whiteboard, or transfer presenter from one to the other. You are either the host or the remote. Granted, usually all you need is a one way communication with you fixing something on the other end and that's fine.


BUT with Mikogo, I could start by working on the other person's computer then switch so that person can see my computer screen for a couple minutes and switch back if needed! That's a wonderful feature and easy to do for non-techies! The fact that you can temporarily allow control of your own pc, and always take it back makes people feel better about the program too.


Over the years I have tried several online meeting type programs to assist others with varying success. Sometimes firewalls and antivirus just make it impossible! I don't get paid for my time so I don't have extra funds to pay for a subscription to some of the nicer services so I rely on the freebies with limited functions. Other freebies I tried just did not impress me like this one.


Let me know what you think of it once you give it a try...

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Great Post. Hey, I have tried using Mikogo software, but it is not completely free. There are 3 versions to it, named as free, single user and multi user. In addition to webinar tools such as Mikogo, WebEx, gomeetnow, gotomeeting etc. one can even consider deploying on premise web conferencing appliance such as RUB appliances in order to conduct online meetings, webinars, web conferences etc.

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