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Well Zac's back. And it's time for me to be blunt and do an honest review of TCH.


I used to be hosted here for sometime, but left after a few issues, which are personal and does not need to be gone into. But I have come home to TCH. Why you may ask? Well since leaving TCH I have gone through a countless number of web hosts. And to be blunt most of them offered very poor to little support, but good up times, others had great support, but bad down times. Either way I could not win.


I started returning to TCH slowly, with bringing one site, then my second, and now I have all my 3 websites hosted back here. Great Support, Fast Support, Great Uptime, very little if any downtime.


The support I have received from Pete Bishop since returning to TCH has been unbelievable. There is nothing really anyone can say that can put TCH down, because dare I say it (and Bill, no big head here mate), but tchrocks.gif and I don't think anything will ever change that. :)

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