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I Want To Give Limited Editing Capabilities


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I will be putting up a site for my homeowners assoc. I want to give some of the board members access to edit several pages for their individual neighborhoods, without giving them full access to editing all pages on the site. Can this be done? I currently use frontpage for all my website design if that matters. I also use the uploader right in FP. Thanks

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No, use cpanel to actually create the FTP User accounts. Then use Frontpage to upload the files you want to those ftp directories.


But, I have a question, those other folks? Do they have Frontpage???? How are they going to be maintaining their own sections of the site?

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What about using something like phpnuke? You can allow individuals to edit sections and it's web based, no special software required of the users.


There are modules available for most any function you would want to add.


We're in the process of converting a HOA from a frontpage site to phpnuke and also moving them to TCH. There will be two sections to the site, the static information on the site in html (I'm working on converting the frontpage stuff to real html) and the homeowner section of the site in phpnuke with calendars, news, committee information, chat groups, etc.


If you are interested be glad to set an account up for you to help us beta test.

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I do not yet know if they have frontpage or not. I was hoping they could use any HTML editer to upload to the particular pages. Would they have to have FP?

If the site is in Frontpage they have to have frontpage to edit and upload. If you want them to edit in html you need to build the site in an editor that supports true html.


I mentioned converting a frontpage site. The easiest method I've found is to build a new site with a matching template and then cut and past the text and images.


Just a comment about allowing the Board access to editing. I deal with 4 HOA's web sites and sit on the board of one of them. It's best that the website (and Newsletter) be maintained by a separate Communications Committee under charter by the Board. The Board should have ONE member to be liason and to approve content. In all of our HOA's the President is the liason. If not you will have problems more likely sooner or later.


http://www.tavistockfarms.org/documents/Do...terCC092101.pdf is one of the organizations CC charter.

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Thanks for the help, I will see what I can do. I've really grown fond of using FP especially since I have 2 sites that I'm using it with right now.

I wil look into the phpnuke too. I did go to cpanel and create another ftp to see how easy it is.

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>I want to give some of the board members access to edit several pages

>for their individual neighborhoods, without giving them full access to

>editing all pages on the site.


This can't be done with complete safety. The suggestion to use FTP

accounts with separate subdomains only gives you casual protection from

your board members.


FTP or Web access restrictions do not apply to CGI scripts running in

your account; any of your FTP users can write and upload executable

CGI scripts that can read, delete, rename, or modify anything in your

account, including files outside your public_html web directory and even

the public_html directory itself.


As long as your board members don't deliberately want to access the

rest of your site, you're fine with a subdomain and FTP account.


Don't give out FTP accounts if you're really concerned about keeping the

rest of your site protected from possibly untrustworthy people. Using CGI

scripts, those FTP users can do anything to your account that you can do.

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