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Good morning everyone.


I am setting up a Wordpress site for our Cub Scout Pack. Packs are broken into five dens. I would like a main blog for the Pack, and then 5 sub blogs where the Den leaders can post their stuff, but not have it show up on the Pack page.


Do I have to install six instances of WordPress and then link to the Den pages from the main page? Or is there a way to have the Den pages be nested under the Pack page?


Also, can anyone suggest a Picture Album plug-in? Where you can upload pictures and have them displayed automatically on a page?


Thanks for your help!



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If you want to keep them separated you will need a separate instance for each one. You can install each into it's own subdomain. Or you can create a category for each Den and have them all under one instance.


There are many picture album plugins available but I haven't found a one I really like. I am currently posting my photos to Flickr and showing them on my blog.

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