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In the past I've had no trouble updating wordpress automatically from within WP, but recently (within the past 2 months) I'm unable to do it anymore. The last few WP upgrades I've had to do manually, and I'm no longer able to automatically upgrade my plugins.


WP is downloading the files to my site fine, but when it comes to installing, it hangs for a long time, and then gives me an error. I'm also denied permission to delete the files.


What can I do? It's ok for me to update manually, but I'd much prefer to update automatically.

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If it can´t be deleted, please submit a ticket with the help desk and ask them to check the ownership of that folder. If its "owned" by you, you should be able to delete it.

If you need to do same thing in the future, it´s better to have the techs check this once or you will end up with lots of renamed folders in time.

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