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What Do You Do With Your Old Computers?


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I recently got an old Compaq 5000 (P4 1.6Ghz)for free. I already have an old Dell I bought a few years ago and a 1 year old gaming pc that I custom built. There are no parts in the Compaq that I could use, but surely there must be a use for it.


So what do you do with old computers?


I was thinking about install Linux on it to mess around with.


Any suggestions?

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So what do you do with old computers?


Do you have a door in the house that just won't stay open?

Do you have a boat that keeps floating away?

Does your desk sit near a breeze and the papers keep blowing away?

Is there an empty spot in the basement that needs filling?


I usually strip out the parts and save for a couple years for replacements. After awhile I toss them when I am sure they are not needed anymore (I fix friends and neighbors computers). The P4 is way past the time I would keeps its parts. I would just toss it.

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Ive done a couple of things with mine.

1) Ive installed freenas on one and use it as a home server to store local files to share with all of my other computers. This one is a way old computer. Were talking back in the days with 384 meg of ram was a decent amount (I rarely use more than half of it). There are a lot of fun things that you can do with it (bittorrents, Itunes/Daap, etc). worse case scenario its fun to tinker with.

2) Another thing that I have done is to attach a large hard drive to an older computer and run Mozy and Logmein on it. I then stuck it in a closet and run it essentially headless (using logmein.com). Then I have all of my other computers back up to it. This accomplishes two things for me, 1) I have a local back up of everything and 2) I can have one $5 license of mozy to have an off site back up all the information that has been aggregated from the rest of my computers.

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