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How Do I Add Background Sound To My Site?


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A Google search shows lots of "how to do´s", Here is one. :)


ok ive done this one <NOEMBED>

<BGSOUND SRC="04-spandau-ballet-true.mp3" LOOP=0>


<EMBED SRC="04-spandau-ballet-true.mp3" AUTOSTART="True" HIDDEN="True" LOOP="false">


but it didnt play, do i need to have the location the sound file is at? i have it uploaded to my control panel inside a folder i made for this site. so what am i doing wrong???

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You'll need to have the correct path to the audio file, for one.


Two, make sure you give it enough time to load.


I'm not sure on file requirements, so perhaps an MP3 isn't valid, either.

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ok i got it to work correctly , now i want to add a homemade video file to my site but for somereason the code or the file isnt working it shows there is a file there to see but it shows a loading symbol but nothing happens what have i dont wrong, can someone help me thank you is there is a html code to use for this work play?

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