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freeware, internet browser




the site can be a little intimidating. I imagine this post will be around a while, though as I write this the latest final release version is 1.4:


http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla/release...4-installer.exe windows

http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla/release...-1.4-sea.tar.gz linux

http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla/release...achO-1.4.dmg.gz OSX



it's available on every useful platform .. windows, max, linux to name just a few.


Hey, thatguy, what's so great about mozilla. you mean other than it's not-micro$oft? :dance: it's a ground up construction to be a solid browser. it won't make you coffer. and unlike IE, in the extremely unlikely event of a crash, it won't take down windows with it. :-)




yes, and there's more. cruise over to http://MozDev.org for FREE addons to make it even more powerful.


oh, I forgot to mention that mozilla has native popup blocking (see also http://proxomitron.info)


mozilla is a suite of applications a browser, a chat client, an email client, an html composer, and then some.






if you want merely a rock solid browser get FireBird:



built on the same gecko engine technology as mozilla but no suite.




the stand alone mail client I'll mention, ThunderBird, is not yet mature enough for me to recomend although I use it myself in conjunction with the email client in mozilla -- that is when I'm not using Outlook and Disruptor OL ;)






### must have mozilla addons include ###


themes .. I hate them but most people love them:



multizilla -- get the true power of tabbed browsing





optimoz mouse gestures -- use your mouse to perform tasks








this thatguy is here to help


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Guest LightKeeper

I don't like the Mozillia software... but I do use Firefox (browser) and Thunderbird (email) programs. I have been using them both for over a year. I love 'em!

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I've got FireFox at least for website testing purposes.

I use firefox on my local computer for creating thumbnails of URLs via a webinterface from a remote computer. The reason I use FireFox is because of the PopUp blocking. (If my routine get's a popup (with IE), the VBSCRIPT can't close all the windows and then the whole 'process' doesn't work to good after that.)



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Rob, that should be more than OK. My dad's previous notebook (an AMD K6-2 @ 400 MHz with 192 MB of RAM) handled Firefox and Thunderbird nicely... :rolleyes:

Perhaps you have another problem?

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Firefox works great on mine. Only just started trying it. I have something like 1.1 ghrz with 768 ram

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What OS are you using, Rob? BSD? Perhaps it's some issue Firefox and the BSD you're using?

Also, are you using the 0.8 release or a nightly build? If you're using a nightly build, try getting the 0.8 release version.


Anyway, if you have some programs that do what you need, forget about it :D

"If it's not broken, don't fix it!" ;)

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