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Wordpress Mu And Buddypress


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I just uploaded Wordpress mu to a subdomain, and it was going okay. For some reason, I couldn't get it to connect to the MySQL db.


I used the credentials I found in Don's sticky regarding connecting, but no dice. There's little doubt in my mind the fault is mine, but I thought I would come here and ask you guys. I always seem to get through stuff with your help.


Thoughts and suggestions are what I'm begging for.

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have you set up a database and a database user ready for your wordpress installation?


If so, make sure that the database you are using is cpanel-username_databasename and the user you are using is cpanel-username_username


Also make sure that in the mysql databases section of cpanel that you have granted permissions to that user to that database. Near the bottom of the page there is: Add User To Database - grant all the necessary permissions to the user in the screen that follows (SELECT, INSERT, DELETE etc - whichever that user will require)



If you have done all that, what is the error you are getting?

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