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Using Cpanel For Another Site

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I have an ebay store as well as a personal store zen cart (which is the one I hold with cpanel).


On the ebay store listings I want to show some larger photos so I want to place in some html link to the cpanel file manager so it will show these photos I already have stored for zen cart.


I know the html to use (<img source etc), but is it possible to get this type of access from cpanel to another website so I can do this? And if so can someone point me in the right direction of how to enable it?




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I don't really get what you mean by a link to the cpanel file manager. You cannot do this. CPanel is a secured area that requires authentication to access.


If however all you are wanting to do is to is link to photos on your personal store zen cart then just use an absolute link as the image source, instead of a relative.




instead of:


<img src="/images/your-image.ext" alt="image info" />




<img src="http://your-zen-cart-doman.ext/images/your-image.ext" alt="image info" />



Obviously I don't know your domain or where your images are on your server but you can display images from your other site using absolute paths, providing you don't have image hotlinking disabled (or enabled, i can never remember which way round STOPS people hotlinking)

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What I mean is that at the moment I use auctiva - I store images with them and they place the pictures onto ebay listings. However, I don't want to keep using them as they are now charging for this.


So I want to have the listings on ebay similar to the zen cart store - in that when someone opens a listing some large pictures will appear at the top of the listing (in ebays standard format, you just get a small picture at the end).


I understand cpanel is secure, but thats what I want to check - if there is a way around this. Obviously not to make in unsecure but to be able to let the listing on ebay attach the photos from within cpanel.


Just linking to the zen store would be no good as I want the pictures to appear as the listing is opened. I'm guessing the hotlinking means other people can link to your pictures so not keen on that.


I wasn't sure if you can create a subdomain or something (as you can tell I"m not too hot on how these things work).


Actually I am not even using the zen cart store much anyway, so is there away to link my ebay store to cpanel instead of the current zen domain?


I know some people have there own pictures on ebay from a host so I'm sure it must be possible.

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Thanks for your help. Actually the full url to the image was the first thing I tried before posting but it didn't work and I put that down to the fact that it could only be accessed via zen store.


It did work though when I copied the html you gave me, so I must have made an error there somewhere. Working ok now anyway, so thanks.

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