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Scgi / Cgi And Apache Upgrade

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A question about the recent Apache upgrade and scgi / cgi problems:


When the upgrade was made, the scgi-bin scripts stopped working-> ticket submitted and Carl indicated last night (6/1/09) that he modified the configuration so it would work in the scgi-bin folder.


Question: It's currently working (in the scgi-bin folder) but would it be best to convert and move the scgi scripts to the cgi-bin folder and do away with the scgi folder completely (thinking about future compatibility)? Also, if I move the scripts to cgi-bin, does that impact the recent configuration change you made on your end to get the scgi-bin folder working?


The reason that script ended up in the scgi-bin folder and not the cgi-bin folder:

When transferring everything over to TCH from the old host a few years ago, one of the scripts (the Perlfect Search program) would not work in the cgi-bin folder as it did with the old host, Verio. We found that with TCH the same script did work in the scgi-bin folder so we just left it there as it worked (never figured out why it would work in the scgi-bin folder but wouldn't work in the cgi-bin folder - in the cgi-bin folder any attempt to run the script gives a 500 error). I could figure out why it doesn't work via cgi-bin, if scgi-bin scripts could become another issue in the future...

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