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Rewriterule Fails After Php Upgrade

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My pages worked fine last week. After the weekend upgrade it broken. I think I've narrowed it to the .htaccess.


RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule (.*)\.x.l$ http://bank.alexfung.info/loadxxl.php [PT]


The idea is, all requests for .xml and .xsl files will be routed to this php, which then file_get_contents() the files from a read directory that the http demon is told not to access.


I have reduced the php to read:



echo $uri;



but still:

URI = loadxxl.php: runs correctly

URI = xxx.xml: gets "400 Bad Request" <-- why?

URI = xxx.xxx: gets "404 Not Found" as expected


Any ideas why this would fail after the PHP upgrade?

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Are those the only 2 lines in your .htaccess file? Could be something else in there is causing the failure.

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Is there a specific reason you're using the [PT] passthrough flag? If you don't do any subsequent processing that requires it, you could try removing it.


RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule \.x[ms]l$ http://bank.alexfung.info/loadxxl.php [NC,L]


There are two potential sources of different behavior,

The new PHP version, and

Apache 1.3 -> Apache 2.

You've reduced the PHP file to the bare bones, so differences in the new Apache might be the more likely cause.



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