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Domain Ain't Working


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Just got the e-mail that whizkid.com is up. The DNS hasn't transferred, but I can't even get in using the IP address. And when I try to go to /cpanel, it asks for my username and password -- I enter them, but they don't work.



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Case sensitivity? Grasping straws here. Not being condescending, just checking. Caps lock isn't on is it?


When I was 20, I bought a TV and VCR. I couldn't get the VCR to record no matter what i did. Called tech support and the guy actually asked me if it was turned on! What kind of numbskull did he think that I was? As it turns out, the timer record function would only kick in if the VCR is OFF when the time clicks over. Wow, did I feel like a heel for getting up-ity with that guy!


Moral of the story...no matter how assinign the question may seem, the guy has a reason for asking: somebody, somewhere, sometime had done it!





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Oh, and if I try to go to the site itself via the IP address (IPADDRESS/~username), I get a 404. So there seem to be two problems: password no good, and site... well, not there. :unsure:

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