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It's Been Such A Long Time...

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And no, I'm not going to start singing Boston. (Though now the song is stuck in my head...)


I just haven't dropped by the forums in a while, so I thought I would. I mean, the last time I was here was the last time it was warm, I think. I could be wrong, as the heat does strange things to ones memory.


Oh well... either way... hi (and good night for now).


Now, maybe I should play some Rock Band and get Boston out of my system...

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Thank you, thank you. My hectic life has permitted me some time to visit again. So, anything new? I see you guys haven't repainted yet. And the fridge is still lacking in certain caffeinated beverages.

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Last time we painted we used this white wash special paint from Home Depot. Still looks pretty good, eh?


Hows the hosting been Josh?


Glad to see you stopping by and saying hello to your long lost online family.

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Home Depot seems to have a good paint department. I got some paint from there recently and it has really spruced up the rooms downstairs.


Hosting wise, all is well. Haven't had a reason to bug any support folks. :) I guess that's a good thing. Of course, that's not as exciting, either. But the bugging of TCH staff can always happen on the forums.

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