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Switching To Zen Cart - Please Help

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Hi guys!


i'm looking for good advice and think i'm at the right place - i want to move all my data from oscmax store to zencart without data loss.


i would appreciate any advice on how to do it right and not to mess up :) Maybe somebody has already had such experience. I think i will need some help with it.


Thanks for your being helpful!

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Welcome to the forum, Nick. :)


I am not using either Zencart or osCMax I can´t answer this.


However I have removed your 2 other posts with same question. There is no need to ask same thing several times. If someone knows the answer, he or she will reply.

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Thanks for repliying! i will definitely try zen cart forum. but still hope to hear from someone who moved maybe not from osCMax exactly but from any pother shopping cart. i'm interested in the process itself and was it worth it in the result.

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