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Video Hosting Software - Any Practical Options?


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I am doing research on how to best serve my client.

We want to be able to upload video clips (ranging from :30 seconds to 30 minutes),

and allow others to view them.


I know this is a tall order, but we are making the approach anyway.

The people involved are video artists and I want the quality to be the best possible,

and we realize the pricing may be sky-high.


I have had some very good input suggesting Flash or Quicktime as options for

software. Since this is a pioneering venture, we are not going to be able to make

a big plunge unless it pays for itself. However, we realize we it will not be anywhere

near free. Good value is the best way to start.


What are the advantages of Flash, Quicktime, or any other software you may know.

We now realize we are looking at 1MB to 2MB/second. We would like to make them

"full screen" capable.


Any input (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated. :) :D




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Video streaming from a shared host is dodgy territory, 1MB per second per file, per user who watches it will soon enough kill your bandwidth. I personally would look at a third party host.

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