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Attracting & Keeping Active Members


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I'm looking for some advice on spiffing up my board. I'm pretty useless when it comes to doing a lot with coding, adding components and other features so have found someone to do most of it for me. He's added a shoutbox which seems to be a big hit, has gotten a portal installed which I feel gives the board a more professional appearance, a board panel and we're considering some other possiblities. I'd like to have features that members enjoy using and that will keep them coming back and more importantly participating!


I've paid for the hosting, the IPB support, the chatroom, new skins and the work done by the "webmaster" so far out of my pocket (which isn't that deep :) ) but am seriously considering adding a "donate" button to help offset some costs and hopefully purchase new features. I feel those that donate should get something in return so would like some suggestions.


I will make the new skins available to those members that donate, perhaps allow them to upload pics (not an option now), increase PM storage (not sure how important that is though) and perhaps Private Forums but am sort of at a loss as to what to put in the private forums.


I've also thought of making blog space available to those that donate but need one that works easily with IPB.


I need suggestions for features that members like to use as well as thoughts on what to offer to those that donate. Any thoughts?


Of course, the bigger & more active the board is the more server space I'll need which will cost more ..... :)

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