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Can't Delete A Folder

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I created a new subdomain so I could install a test smf site.

I also created a new database and user name for this test site.

In doing some testing on it today, I seemed to have wiped out the site so I decided to delete it and try again but I can't get rid of my original folder for the new subdomain.

I tried deleting it using an FTP program and it looks like it was giving me a 550 error and said I didn't have permission to delete it.

Do I have to change something in order to give myself permission to delete it?


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Not sure I understand what you did in what order, but if you create a subdomain, cpanel will create the folder for you and I believe removing the the subdomain first is the way to go and after that you can remove the folder.


It sounds to me it´s time for a ticket with the help desk and they will sort it for you.

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I'm not sure how I tried to originally delete everything but right now the only thing left is the subdomain's folder with a theme's folder inside. Everything else got deleted but fo some reason, I can't delete the rest of the folder or the folder itself.

I'll send help desk a ticket.


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