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No Mysql Stored Procedures At Tch?!?


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I recently contacted the help desk regarding a problem I was having granting the Execute permission for a user to use certain stored procedures on my MySQL database. The response I received was:


"MySQL stored procedures are not supported with our servers."


Can you guys confirm this? If so, then you may seriously want to fix that, as at least for me, it will force me to have to find hosting elsewhere. I'm hoping the statement above is just an exaggeration, and that my stored procedures will be able to work here, as I'd much rather stay with TCH if possible.




-- Chris

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I dont know if this is of any help, but the only way that you can do stored procedure is to have the SUPER permission level for the server which you cannot have unless you have a dedicated server. We ran into that problem in the past. So again, the only way that you can write stored procedures with tch is having your own dedicated server.


That was a while ago, but I believe that this is still the case.

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At present, there is no method to allow the creation of stored procedures without granting super privileges, which in a shared environment is a very bad thing to do. This can be overcome by looking at semi-dedicated or fully dedicated server where you get full root access to the server.

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