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Secure Url Login For Multiple Accounts


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My client has purchased a Starter Plan for web developement purposes. I am the developer. We will host multiple accounts on the server during development and then move to the live server.


Each account must have a unique URL login and not be available to the public. I'm aware of the subdomains and unique FTP accounts, but not sure of the easiest way to handle the URL login.


Does the cPanel offer an option to force a login for a subdirectory and/or subdomain?


Another option is a PHP login which requires code on each secure page, but if the functionality is available, I would rather not mess with it.

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Oh, and the Starter Plan is for a "Single" account. Not sure what you are meaning by multiple accounts.


I should have said "multiple clients" which are in their own subdirectories. This is used only for email newsletters, very simple site, etc. They are built here and then moved.

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