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Hello everyone, I am a new customer and i have a few questions. I have been reading the forums and it apears that Frontpage isnt the software to use. I have frontpage 97, but im not sure if i should use it or not. I dont mind buying a new program as long as it is easier to use. Any input you folks have would be greatly appreciated. :)

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I have a five year old boy. I use disposables! :)


Real question...lenwoods, are you a novice to web site building or feel pretty comfortable with the whole thing?


Novice: my reco is CuteSITE Builder. Really easy to use, requires no knowledge of HTML and has one-click publishing ...not to mention a great support forum for help.


Experienced: Dreamweaver ...pricey but great!



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I am not a total novice, i have built a few pages before, but real simple ones. I do have a little experience with dreamweaver. I used it to keep my companys site updated. I think i will look into the Cutesite builder.


PS. I hope this is a Nikon friendy hosting company. It seems there are a couple cannon people ganging up on me.....LOL.


PSS. It doesnt matter whos camera you use, as long as you have a love of the art of photography.

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