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Web Surfing On Phone


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For about 2 years I have had a cell phone with Windows on it. A couple months ago I ran the ROM update to bring it to Windows Mobile 6. It works fine. Better than 5! But all the time I have had only the internet explorer on the phone.


Recently used safari on an ipod touch and thought that was quite nice so went to a forum to see what is compatible with my phone.


Today I found and loaded a different browser on my cell phone and it is a wonderful world! :)

I can see a web page like a web page instead of a jumble of columns.

skyfire.com offers a browser that supports flash, javascript, videos, you name it.

For the first time, my mobile device allows me to read AND post on forums!


If you have the time, take a look at the demo on their site. It isn't just hype. It actually works like they say!

Wish my old IE on the phone could present the web like this!!!

I dread the day I have to upgrade my ROM again. I will lose this program and have to start over.

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Sorry to be so delayed in responding...been sick, offline for days.


I hadn't used any other browser than the built-in IE. I have updated the ROM four times already and everything "extra" gets lost and I have to reinstall. A couple games have never been completed because I make great progress then have to go back to the beginning when I update ROM. I didn't like the idea of losing my favorites every time I update the phone.

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