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Windows 7 Beta


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For those interested, the Beta for the New Windows OS is now available for download from MS. They had a rocky start on Friday and had to shut down the site and add additional servers to handle the load. But it came back up yesterday and was working pretty good when I tried last night.


Its supposed to be available for 2.5 million users from the general public so don't be late.


You will need to use IE to download since it uses an ActiveX app for its "Download Manager" (Firefox will not work). If you are not a Technet supscriber or already signed up for Microsoft Live you will need to do so. Before the download starts you will get an Activation Key, without this key the software will only work for 30 days.


This is a 2.3gb file and depending on your connection and how many others are downloading with you, it may take a long time. It took me an hour and 10 minutes but I am on FIOS.





This is TEST SOFTWARE and may possibly crash or destroy data on your system. Use at your own risk.

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Has anyone downloaded it?

I've downloaded it but haven't had the time to install it yet, I've been at work all day. Hopefully I'll have a chance tomorrow after I've gotten all my "plans" collected and preparations completed.


Is it worth it?


Interesting question and would depend on the individual and what they consider worthy :)


In my case it usually is worth the effort no matter what the results. Being an IT tech and the Computer Guy for all my friends and family I need to get a jump on everyone so I can answer their questions or fix their problems when the OS comes out for real. Work also likes it when I take the inititive and learn how it works before they ask me to.


To the average "Joe User" it is probably is not worth it. There are lots things that can go wrong (and do) when you Beta test a program and if you are unprepared and unskilled in computers you could be in for lots of trouble.

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