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Total Choice Web Hosting Page Updates!


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Bill and myself have been working around the clock and doing a lot of work around the Total Choice Web Hosting website!


Web Hosting Plans/Reseller Plans/Dedicated Plans Pages Updated

We went through and re-categorized the tables so you can better understand what exactly fits where. Also we now give links on each benefit that we offer, so you can get more information on everything we offer.


About Total Choice Web Hosting

The page has been given a major overhaul to provide our customers with even more information about us. Now we go into detail about our collocation, detailed pages on each of our data centers, and also a look at our “Project Hawk-Eye”. All good information if you want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes here at Total Choice Web Hosting.


Help Desk

The help desk has been given a little bit of a make over to better fit in with the rest of the Total Choice Web Hosting pages. Still the same functionality, it just looks better now.


Jeering Jargon

The Jeering Jargon’s main index has been updated a little to look more professional and organized. This is just one more place you can find my older columns and interviews.


These changes along with many other smaller ones is just one more sign that Total Choice Web Hosting is always willing to give back to it’s clients and potential clients to provide them with the best information possible about our services.


Also we do have another special announcement to be made soon! I’ll leave you all in suspense for now, but I will tell you to keep an eye on the Total Choice News forum!

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:unsure: HI! I am new here, I just signed up for two accounts last week (I am so excited to be here!)


Anyway, I checked out your new plans table and the benefit descriptions. I noticed under shopping cart you list OSCommerce. I don't see that in my C-Panel. How would I go about getting that installed?


I am not sure I want it installed, because I really wanted to try doing it myself to see if I could (and it will help me better understand the inner workings). BUT, incase find that I am in over my head... (which wouldn't surprise me) I might want it automatically installed.


Thanks! Rock Sign



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We can add it if you will let us know which server you are on.



i'd like to get osCommerce installed as well. but i don't know what server i'm on -- how do i find out? sorry, i'm pretty new at this.




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to find out what server you are on you can log into your cpanel and it will say at the top welcome to server XX (XX being the server number)



thanks! i'll go ahead and submit a help ticket for that. :D

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The one thing that actually got me to sign up with TCH was the fact that you offered REAL pictures of your datacenters, not just some glossy, stock, marketing photos of your locations.


Very few hosts offer real photos of their hosting facilities. Now, if we could only see the people who run the show..... then again, maybe that isn't such a grand idea.........




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