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My Little Red Wagon


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Almost everyone must have had one and gotten it on Christmas Day, a little bow tied around the handle. The wagon was a toy, a work horse, a mode of transportation, a storage container and a number of different things. It was sturdy and lasted forever. I still have one in the shed and use it to move things around the yard.




Well now they've gone and ruined it, just like Coca Cola did with their "New Coke". When will companies learn that when you have a winning product, don't make it better.

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So very sad. That THING totally misses the purposes that made the radio flyer such an endearing toy.


As kids, we could load the little wagon with pets, with "treasures", friends and what ever our imagination allowed.

Tipping over in it was half the fun (and danger).

Using it on the side as part of a fort or for protection from snowballs.


As adults we remember those joys and find other purposes for the wagon.

I got a radio flyer back in 1993 for the specific purpose of moving mulch, carrying plants, etc around my yard and still use it for that. Practical.


That THING is so complicated, so protective, so unecessary.

They have jumped the shark!

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'Tis a sad, sad day. I don't know what they were thinking!! :)


I was stunned when I read "Outfitted with 5-point safety harnesses, padded seats, cup holders, foot brakes and fold-out storage containers..." but started whimpering when I got to the "There's a digital handle that tracks temperature, time, distance and speed -- just in case energetic parents want to track their split times around the playground. And there's a slot for an MP3 player, complete with speakers, for some cruising tunes."


Doing that to an icon of childhood memories is ... wrong. Just wrong. The least they could have done is give it a new name.

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Now THAT'S a RADIO FLYER I remember, Bob.


That other "thing"............. arrrrghhhhh!

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