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E-mail: Can I Create An Alias For An E-mail Address?


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I have a question about creating e-mail aliases.


My domain name is www.jdanniel.com, which, of course, means my e-mail addresses will have the @jdanniel.com suffix.


I'd like to create one particular e-mail address, but would like to conceal the domain name...sort of like creating an alias, I suppose. I need this one e-mail account to be as anonymous as possible, so that when people e-mail me, they use the alias, and not the actual original e-mail address.


I'd want the alias to forward the e-mail to the actual e-mail address I've created.


Is this possible with my domain name and Total Choice Hosting? If so, what is the procedure for creating an alias? And what is the proper nomenclature for such a feature?


Lastly: Is it possible to send outgoing mail via the alias, and not the actual main address?


Thank you.


J. Danniel

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No this is not possible within your account settings. What you will need to do is find an email forwarding service (outside of your domain) that you can use. Yes, you would be able to send email as that alias as long as you used an email client and configured it to send the email through your account using validation of your domain email address.

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For what it's worth, you can do all of that obfuscation via a Gmail account. Don't know if that's useful to you, but I have (for example) my Blackberry mail going out via Gmail and configured to look like it came from my primary e-mail address.



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