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Shut Down Problem


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I have searched google until I am blue in the face. A regular smurf !


I have about a 2 year old gateway that the lady blew the hdrive in.


installed new hdrive.


re-installed all the original gateway op system ( xp home )


thought everything was fine and decided to shut down, pack up and deliver.


every time I click on SHUT DOWN, it reboots.


no viruses, no spyware, new, clean install.


call me STUMPED !!



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One problem many folks on the web were finding was ROXIO.


This gateway does not have ROXIO; but it had MUSIC MATCH.


So I uninstalled MUSIC MATCH.



xp shuts down just fine now.


Internet search solutions will give you a ton of registry edits and other such "tips" ;


but it looks to me like at least the above two music programs are culprits for sure.




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heh heh


You know me, Bruce...... the ol' lone wolf chatterbox.

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OK I TAKE IT BACK. Last nite it shut down perfectly 4 times.


Today..........it's rebooting itself again.



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thanks madman, I have done everything there but the bios check which I am going to do today when I get home.


I have , however, long ago it seems, unchecked the automatic reboot and never have seen an error message when


I tell it to shutdown.

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problem update :



still working

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I found that somehow plug and play service was turned off.


turned it on. shut down perfectly 5 or 6 times.


now rebooting again on shutdown.



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Have you tried restarting from scratch? Wipe the HD and start over.



Yes, actually this is a new hdrive on which I re-installed her original gateway ( uggh ) software.


Then installed service pack 3, then anti-virus and spyware.



I DID get device manager to show me list again though.


I may have to do another install.

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I did a complete format and re-install.


Then gateway drivers.


Then windows service pack 3


antivirus installed



At first it STILL rebooted on shutdown.


then I went to bios and disabled that "wake on" thing.


So far I have had 6 successful shutdowns in a row


hate to risk jumping the gun but......... :clapping:

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Ok, the "wake on" setting of the gateway board is why it kept rebooting.



Problem solved.


thanks madman and everyone

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