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A 2.7 Question


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Since apparently nobody has asked, I thought I would. WordPress 2.7 has an upgrade feature. One can by using the feature upgrade one's WordPress installation. But only if one is upgrading from 2.7 or subsequent releases. The question I have is this,


Will Total Choice allow this, place restrictions on it, or ban its use? Since 2.7 is soon to be released I thought it would be a good idea to clarify things.

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I haven't had a chance to look at this yet, but can only assume it works the same as the current Plug-ins update option. If so that means it only requires you provide access to FTP, which is not uncommon for scripts that upgrade themselves. Unless there is some strange setup required then I see no reason it would be an issue.

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OK, I had to test this out.


I installed WordPress version 2.7 and the upgrade option does indeed ask for your FTP details to complete the auto upgrade. So I provided the necessary information and allowed the upgrade to run. Once completed I checked version.php and it had been changed from $wp_version = '2.7-RC1'; to $wp_version = '2.7-RC1-10026';. I'm unsure if these two releases are actually different but it is clear that the upgrade process modified my install. I also removed the default plugins before running the upgrade, and they were installed again once the upgrade process completed.


So unless you have extremely modded your install of WordPress, you should have no problem using the new upgrade feature on our servers.

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