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Question About Installing Software In Mysql


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I'm bad about picking which forum to ask questions in...I hope I picked the right one.


Here is my question: I have some software for an article directory. The directions tell me I need a hosting account that has PHP and allows you to create a MYSQL database. I've seen both of these "words" in my cpanel, so I'm thinking I have this with TCH (right?). Can you tell I'm a bit clueless? :naughty:


The directions tell me to upload my files to my server and set the files to 777 (What does it mean by 777?). Next it tells me to create MySQL database (How do I do that?). Then it tells be to enter a URL into my browser that looks like this: http://www.YourServerHere.com/admin/install.php I'm assuming that "YourServerHere" should be "totalchoicehosting". Right? Then I'm suppose to fill out a form.


The next step tells me to set a cron job for a file to run every minute. How do I set a cron job?

The next step tells me to set a cron job for a file to run once a week.


So these are the directions with the last step logging into my admin area. This would all be lovely if I knew more about how to do this. :lol:

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777 permission of file means global write permission for the files, that is read/write/execute permission for owner, group and others on Unix systems. You can change permission of files through File Manager or FTP.


Be sure to change the permission back to 644 or at least to 755 once you have completed the installation - because keeping files under 777 is always risky.

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