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Laptop Connectivityissue


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How can I connect a laptop to a server from a remote location without using an analog line or wireless connection?


Any ideas?

heh. magic? It simply isn't possible. You have to have one of the 2 types of connections. Either a line connection or a wireless connect.

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hoobie -


Gimme some more detail here of the scenario you invision.


For example... I'm out in the wilderness with my cell phone and laptop and want to connect to my server at work. ????


I'm guessing that you refer to wireless as the 802.11b or g 'short-range' wireless and you are looking for something that will work in a more "remote" location?


Gimme a bone! ;)

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This was a 56 chevy coupe with a 389 pontiac block with 3 dueces (HO Tri Power) and a 4.11 rear end. We put the chevy crossed flag 265 emblems on it

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