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Why I Like Total Choice Hosting

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Hello All,


I just want to share a little of my own personal expericance with Total Choice Hosting.

My Name is Cliff Jones and have 2yr old triplets so if anyone from the support chatline

reads this and remembers me thank you. Tina thank you too..


I have a reseller account for Wild West Domains and basicly don't sell many hostings

but I buy hundreds and hundreds of domain names for resale and to build.


I have a reseller account at Total Choice Hosting that I have placed 89 of my domains

and have websites. The reason I use Total Choice for myself is I love the CPanel interface

it is quick and to the point. If I need to do some sql database creation or look at my log

files, or just install wordpress things work cleanly and quickly.


When I have needed support there have even been times when I've even recieved support from

someone while they were at a resturant eating (I'll always remember thank you). Every

time I've ever needed support I have used the chat line and have had a solution in

seconds to just a few hrs.


What triggered this message today was I was inquiring about the R1 Soft Restore Backup

application in my cpanel for my reseller account. This is what I learned.


Total Choice Hosting goes out of their way to make a remote backup of every website

under my reseller acount twice a day and retains the last 7 days worth of backups.

This is in addition to the regular backup they do for the system. what I found out

today tells me that if I make a mistake and screw up one of my sites and forgot to

back it up localy then I have a way out to restore my site to any condition in the last

7 days!!!


When Tina told me about this today I wrote this back in the chat window...


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I continue to see how really COOL your

company is. It seems every time I turn around I find out more I like about

Total Choice. I am a reseller for xxxxx and choose not to host

my own stuff with them as I've liked Total Choice better. That is what I mean

when I say I'm really happy with Total Choice.....


I want to thank the complete team at Total Choice Hosting for making it so I

never have to worry about my hosting. I just wish I had more going on so

I could give you more business. I really mean this, You all deserve it!!


Best Regards,


Cliff Jones

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