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Gallery Imagemagick Issue


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I installed gallery through the fantastico interface and I am unable to get an of the thumbs to actually generate. I did a bit of digging and it seems that the software is unable to find imagemagick on the server.


I have tried the folowing







I am on the Hansolo Server is that helps

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Welcome to the forums datapusher :)


Have you tried the path Thomas or Bob have suggested? If so and it did not work please open a ticket with the help desk and they will give you the correct path to use. Link to help desk above or in my signature.

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Back in November, when I posted the response above, my site with a script using ImageMajick was on an old server in an associate data center. After a recent move to a new server in TCH NOC, I noticed that thumbnails that users uploaded were not being generated. I figured that it was probably due to the ImageMajick library being in a different location, but did not raise a ticket. The script will also use GD, so I just switched the config file to point to GD for thumbnail generation.


So, if you need ImageMajick, I would echo Bruce's recommendation to submit a ticket.

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