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Level3 Network Issue

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We are currently aware of an ongoing issue with Level3 networks resulting in major packet loss across it US network. A phone call has been placed to our carrier provider to make changes to the routing scheme our network operates on as so to offload traffic from Level3 till they resolve the issues. We understand the clear inconvenience this is causing and thank you for your continued patience while we work to resolve it.


The depth of the issue can be seen an actively monitored using the following public resource:



Further updates will be provided as soon as they become available.

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The level3 problems and the higher than normal latency are due to an intercity fiber cut between Detroit and Chicago. Many carriers are operating on protected paths that take longer routes which is the reason for the higher than normal latency.


The fiber splice was just completed a few moments ago and we have brought level3 back into our bandwidth mix.


latency is back to normal and we are not seeing any more packet loss over the level3 links.


Thank you.

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