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R1soft Restore Backup

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Hi All


Just in cPanel and I noticed a new Icon for "R1soft restore backup". Can some one explain this to me and others. I presume this is the backups that TCH does on a normal basis and we now can restore then ourselves. Are there any instructions for this feature.





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This is a feature that we are going to be offering to all our clients. We have been in the testing phases of this feature for the past few weeks and everything has been very good. We would like to roll out this feature and include a instructional demo video, however at this time we have not been able to get the demo video.


For now, we will be posting complete instructions on how to use the R1 soft backup/restore on our website and forums. I am hoping this can be done in the next few days and will be updating this thread about that when I know more.


This is a very special feature and one that no other budget hosting company on the planet is offering. We currently backup all of our server in our TCH NOC every 12 hours. These are incremental backups. We keep backups for 14 days and then rotate them using a standard backup rotation policy. These backups are mission critical level backups and have been 100% reliable for us over the past two years.


I know it sounds a little silly, but this a a huge feature that is unheard for hosting that starts at $4.00 per month. These types of features are only seen on enterprise level, very expensive hosting.


Since moving into our own data center, we have really transformed TCH from a budget host to a budget host with enterprise level services. Everyday I look at TCH Uptime, reliablity and service and am astounded at what we are doing for so little cost to the end user. /rant over


Anyways, I will get some instructions up on how to use the software as soon as time permits. This will be included in the official announcement of the service offering.



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Bill I don't really know where to begin. This is a wonderful feature for the users and from what you stated in the previous post that this is not a feature most budget hosting companies offer. Nice to know I chose the best host in the business.





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All servers that are located within the TCH NOC DATACENTER now have this feature enabled.


You will be able to login to your cPanel and fully manage your own 12 hour incremental backups.


Just click on the R1 Soft logo in cPanel.


For those clients still hosted on servers at our Partner DC's we are working to migrate your accounts into our TCH Data Center. There will be a very exciting announcement concerning this in just a few short days.

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