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We have recently received several inquiries about domain renewal warnings sent via snail mail. These letters were not sent by TotalChoice Hosting nor our domain registration partner. These renewal warnings are sent from a company called Domain Renewal Group and they send these notices using WHOIS data in an attempt to have you renew with them. If you mail payment to them, they will then transfer your domain to their registration service and renew it there. On top of this deception they also charge you a renewal rate of $30.00 or three times what you currently pay as the service we provide renews at $10.95 per year.


You may renew your domain at any time by accessing your account at https://mya.securepaynet.net/Default.aspx?i...;prog_id=simple or calling (480) 624-2515.


Please let us know if you have any questions about this matter.

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Yes, I've been getting these offers at least once a year ever since I first registered a domain. I don't recall if any have been from this specific company, but in all the offers the rates have been exorbitant.


These are nothing but unsolicited advertising to addresses obtained from domain registration information, even if they look like a bill (which they usually do).

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