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Ssl: Where To Buy?


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Is buying an SSL cert through a reseller just as reliable as buying it direct from the original provider?


What's the catch? Why are reseller certs hundreds of dollars cheaper than the originals? Are they as reliable?


I could give links, but I don't want to sound like I'm promoting one or another. And I'm cheap - I just want to give customers a sense of peace. Why spend $1000 when a $100 cert secures just as well?

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There's very limited information on the cert that TCH provides, except that it's only a 128-bit encryption. Most companies tout their products provide "Up to 256-bit..."


Is TCH reseller of another company? Or do you provide your own encryption? What sort of icon do you provide? ie: "Site secured by ... ?" Is Extended Validation available? Or even company validation and vetting? Or is it a quick cert? Is there any sort of warranty?

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You CAN use the free shared ssl with Paypal successfully.


Paying for your own ssl will allow the certificate to match your domain name.


If you use the free shared ssl, know that your customer may get a warning saying the domain name on the certificate does not match.


If uncomfortable about it, or to prevent questions by customers, you can post a notice like:

"I use a shared security certificate, in the name of my host: .tchmachines instead of ****** so say YES to accept if you get a warning when paying!"

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