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Wordpress Database Error: [mysql Server Has Gone Away]


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This morning my WordPress blog was working as usual when I posted. When I went back to it at noon, I got a list of errors all beginning with "WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]".


From Googling this error, I understand that it has something to do with the server timing out when a script takes too long to load. Has anything been changed/upgraded MySQL-wise on the TCH servers? I haven't messed with my installation in months or with the MySQL databases (not that I'd do the latter to begin with -- to much can go wrong and I know exactly nothing about MySQL), and I find it hard to believe that a simple regular post might blow things up.


Any ideas about what may have caused this? Or how to remedy it? The possible solutions I've found all go over my head. As I said, I know nothing about MySQL.

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Welcome to the forum, owldaughter. ;)


Nothing has changed on the servers in a while as far as I know.


Since things has changed with your installation of wordpress from this morning to now without you changing anything I would submit a ticket and ask the techs to look in to it. Link on top of page and in my signature.

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