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Depends on your plans for the domain and what type of account you have now.


- If you want to point that second name to your first site, then no, you don't have to pay more. Example sample.com and sample.net could point to the same website/hosted space. The first name has the hosted space. The second name is PARKED on top of the first domain so if you enter either one, you end up at the first domain. Great for mispelings of website names. You just open a ticket and tech support will help you with this for no extra cost.


- If you want to have a second website with a different purpose and you have a regular account (starter plan, gold, etc) you would need to get a second hosted space. You can not point the second name to a subdirectory/subdomain within the hosted space. Ex: sample.com and jewelryRus.com You can not point jewelryRus.com to a folder on the sample.com hosted space. It would need its own TCH hosted account.


- If you want to have a second website with a different purpose and you have a RESELLER account, you can split your space anyway you want. You can allocate half to one domain, and half to another. or 60%/40%, etc. Your choice. Reseller allows you to have one or several domains in the same account. No extra cost. You are already paying for that ability if you have a reseller account. And the reseller account has a control panel that gives you access to all the accounts hosted in that space. Nice way to control several sites...keep them together under one umbrella!

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