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Reupload Site And Form Question

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I just rebuilt my site using site spinner. When I am ready to publish it to the web do I need to empty a file or delete something to get rid of my old web site that I built using microsoft office before I publish the new site?


Also I have a form and I need to know do you have a "mailto" script, and what the location of it is? Or maybe I should word it what do I enter as the path to the Form script in the 'URL (Action)' field?


Thank you for your support,



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The simplest thing to do would be to clean out everything in the public_html folder before publishing your new site.


If you are using "mailto" to collect information from a form it's usually coded something like this:


><form action="mailto:youremail.com" method="post" enctype="text/plain">


Check out this sample from W3Schools.

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The easiest way would be to ask the helpdesk to clean out everything inside the public_html directory. Note: you need to tell you do not want to have email cleaned etc only the public_html.


Otherwise if you want to control what is being deleted from the public_html you could yourself by using either cpanels file manager or do it through a ftp program.


No matter which way you choose, make sure you have a fresh backup of whats stored in your account (see "Select Partial Backup" in the the backup wizard in cpanel).

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