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This is the best hosting choice i have EVER made,bar none. Been here since 2002.In all that time have had three minor problems.I think all combined time to solve is less that 10 minutes TOTAL! Thanks to all of you for such an well oganized and VERY well run hosting provider.You have my vote anyday!!!!!!!

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TCH appreciates your kudos! :D Thanks for speaking out!

Be sure to tell your friends about TCH. Word of mouth is, by far, the best advertising.

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I echo the positive statements. I'm an amateur but have done several sites, including recently several for a little pay, all very small. All I have hosted here.


Because of the friendly and helpful service here, I've moved three domains recently from other hosts. I've been struck how much easier it is at TCH for a non-pro such as myself and although I would prefer to work locally in the small city where I live, that is, use the local hosting company, I so appreciate the helpfulness at TCH I go here and have recommended it to others, too.


If I had a wish, it would be that the forums were a bit easier to navigate. Two of the sites I have recently done want to have forms on them (they're political/campaign sites, wanting donations and wanting also e-mail.) I know little to nothing about how to do forms and will probably go via PayPal which I assume is simple here, but I did not find much info in the forums on forms which may have been my not looking long enough.


...So, I'd give a 99 rather than a 100, but it's a heartfelt 99: thank you for making what could be a difficult and frustrating time (I saw with the prior hosting companies the sites were on) pleasant and welcoming AND helpful.

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Thanks for the kind words betsyrc ;)


You can find plenty of information and tutorials on creating forms on the web. The only difficult part with creating forms is making sure that what ever form processing script you use is secure. In other words cannot be used to send spam to others. I don't want to take this thread off-topic so I will stop there. If you have more form related questions please post them in the Scripting Talk forum. Thanks :(

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