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Can You Play The Video On My Site?


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Just testing out something on a Joomla based CMS and I posted a video using the AllVideos plugin ( http://www.joomlaworks.gr/content/view/16/39/ ) on my site. I can see a flash video, but when I put in a WMV, video 2 strange things happen when I try to view:

1.) I get asked to download Microsoft Silverlight (never heard of that before for WMV!)

2.) The video does not play


The video is about 16mb, so not so big. I emailed tech and they said this:

It is not something related to the server - but, it is depending on the browser and the system that is accessing. If the system is compatible with the video format and if there is a player it will work normally. The current video is instructing me to install "Microsoft Silverlight" when accessing through firefox (I am sorry, I am on Linux).



The link to test the video is here:



Any ideas why this won't play for me?

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From this page:





- Windows Media playback is now done using Silverlight (Microsoft's "Flash" alternative)



Yeah Fotis replied to me saying to download Silverlight and I did, the video still won't play unfortunately. I see they released an update today and I'm going to see if it fixes the issue.


I'll report back with my findings...

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It doesn't play for me either on my Mac (and I have silverlight installed).


However, I peeked at the page and it references


but that returns a 404, but I found


exists, so you may just have an improper reference in there.

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Oh my gosh! Mike... thanks SO much for seeing what my eyes just could not see!!! It's working now that the C is c! LOL

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