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404 Error For "pages" Files


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I uploaded new pages last night into both the public_html and public_html/pages folders.


I then happily clicked around and saw that everything was working fine.


Now today I have gone to my home page and it is ok however when I try to go to any other pages which are located in "pages" I get 404 error. The home page uses 3 other pages in the "pages" directory to build itself so it can access the files to build but people cannot see the sub pages?


If I log into Cpanel and then start FileManager I can then access the pages. Cpanel on its own does not work.


Help please.



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Hi All,


I have worked it out.


The validation I was doing on the initial load of the primary page was failing.


This then stopped some code from running and thus all my links were not working.


The strange thing was that my test server at home (unfortunately windows based) did not exhibit this error as the validation was getting the right information.


Due to this being a unix based hosting there is a minor difference in how it handles pages on first load eg the data was different to what windows on first load does.


All fixed now. :)



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