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Hoping Someone Can Take A Look At My Script :|


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Hello, I am trying to put together a form that allows people to pretty much make their webpage themselves.... the coding will then be emailed to us and we can basically cut and past. My problem is I know didly squat about perl... and had someone put something together for me.


So, below is the script. I also have a questions 1) Do I need to upload this via ftp with certain settings (777..).


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.




# setup prefix for replacement in template...

# case sensitive

$tprefix = "VFITEMPLATE-";


# form variable name prefix...

# case sensitive

$fprefix = "vfi-";


#filepath for the template file...

$templatefile = "template.html";


# return URL from name (put a HIDDEN value in the submission

# form called the value of this with the return URL)

$ returl = "returl";


# email to send the completed HTML to

$sendto = "support@voiceforinmates.com";


# email address it will come from...

$sendfrom = "support@voiceforinmates.com"


# subject for the email

$esubject = "Completed VFI Template";



###### CODE BELOW ######


# get form post data...

parse_formdata( );


# load template into memory...

open (X, "<$templatefile");

$tdata = "";

while(<X>) {

# read every line ($_is the value of the last <X>)

$tdata .= $_;





# ok... go through our form variables that start with $fprefix

# and swap out every $tprefix-varname with the value from the form

# submission...


foreach $fvar (@formvars) {


if (substr($fvar ,0, length ($fprefix)) eq "$fprefix") {

# matches our prefix...

$fname = substr($fvar, length ($prefix), lenght($fvar));


$value = $Form{$fvar};

# find all of them in $tdata (the copy of the template)

$tname = "$tprefix$fname";


(@vx) = split (/$tname/, $tdata);

$ntdata = "";

foreach $vx (@vx) {

$ntdata .= $vx;

$ntdata .= $value;


# we append an extra>>> wipe it out...

$tdata = substr ($ntdata,0, length ($ntdata)-length ($value));






# ok... send the email

open (X, "|/usr/sbin/sendmail -t");

print X "To: $sendto\n";

print X "From: $sendfrom\n";

print X "Subject: $esubject\n\n";

print X "$tdata";

print X "\n\n";



# we're done!


# send them to $returl

print "Location: $Form{$returl}\n\n";



# my subroutine for parsing form post in perl

sub parse_formdata {

if (uc($ENV{'REQUEST METHOD'}) eq 'POST') {

read (STDIN,$inbuf , $ENV{'CONTENT LENGTH'});


} else {

#assume its GET

$inbuf = $ENV{QUERY STRING'};

$clen = length ($inbuf);




# split it up...

my @fsets = split(/\&/, $inbuf);


# clean them up...

foreach $f (@fsets) {

my ($var ,$marg) = split(/\=/,$f);

$marg =~ tr/+/ /;

$var =~ s/%(..)/ chr(hex($1)) /eg;

$marg =~ s/%(..)/ chr(hex($1)) /eg;

$Form{$var} = $marg;




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THANK YOU! :) It is a step in the right direction.



For it to execute you should set the permissions to 755. As for helping debug your script, it's been a long time since I've used perl so I'd be of no help. Maybe someone else is willing.
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