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Cannot Delete File


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I'm losing my marbles over this one.


My nephew (computer science major) built a php order form for my web site, it's really cool. The order form is set up that if a client wants to place an order, they can checkmark the particular service/s they need and upload up to 6 restricted-type images.


When the client fills out the customer info area, an ftp account/folder is automatically created for them in a folder named 'upload' and their uploaded images are saved in that folder along with a text file of the information they filled out on the order form.


He's tested the form out and so have I. Consequently, with all the testing between us, there are probably 15 test-accounts in that 'upload' folder along with garbage test images.


I am trying to delete those files and no matter how I'm trying to do it, they won't budge! I've tried by loggin in to my main/ administrator ftp account and doing it that way... nope, that won't work. I've tried from the cpanel in file manager and the legacy file manager. Still, those files within the 'upload' folder will not go away.


I sure hope that you guys can help me.




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If those files were created by a php script you can use a php script to remove them. They have been created as the user 'nobody' and probably why you are having difficulty removing them.


If you still can't get them deleted you can open a ticket with the help desk and ask them to change the ownership/permissions on those files so you can delete them or have them delete them for you.


Link to the help desk at top of page or in my signature.

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