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Help Needed On Back Up Script


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I'm hoping someone can tell me where I am going wrong.


I am trying to set a cron job to back-up a folder of jpegs on a daily basis - to a zip file.


I am using the script mentioned by TCH-Bruce, but am getting the following error.


>/home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory
/home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 2: //: is a directory
/home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 3: //: is a directory
/home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 3: PHP: command not found
/home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 4: //: is a directory
/home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 6: syntax error near unexpected token `|'
/home/busybea/backupscript.php: line 6: `// |


Can anyone tell me what is wrong?


My original PHP script starts with:


>// setup variables
$remove_file = "no";  // remove file when done -- recommended!

$path= '/home/username/folder full of pics/';  // Full path to backup

$zipfile = "your.zip";  // backup file name
$zippath = "/home/username/folder full of pics";  // path to save backup file

$send_email = "no";  // Do you want this backup sent to your email? Fill out the next 2 lines
$to	  = "you@yourdomain.ext";  // Who to send the emails to
$from	= "backup@yourdomain.ext"; // Who should the emails be sent from?

$senddate = date("j F Y");

$subject = "Backup - $senddate"; // Subject in the email to be sent.
$message = "Your backup is attached to this email"; // Brief Message.

$use_ftp = "no"; // Do you want this backup uploaded to an ftp server? Fill out the next 4 lines
$ftp_server = "localhost"; // FTP hostname
$ftp_user_name = ""; // FTP username
$ftp_user_pass = ""; // FTP password
$ftp_path = "/"; // This is the path to upload on your ftp server!

// Do not Modify below this line!


and I haven't changed anything else.


thank you


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>$zippath = "/home/username/folder full of pics";


This needs to be the full path from /home so it should include /home/your-user-id/public_html/other-folder


And hopefully you didn't remove the <?php on the very first line.


Thank you for your help, but I thought I had all that. Anyway, some nice support person must have looked into it for me as I see that they have changed the cron command and now it works (hurray).


Thank you whoever it was.

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