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The delay with PHP upgrades is simply a matter of precedence at the moment and was pushed back for other things such as the kernel updates and the recent dns concerns. I know we have been much slower in the past on such upgrades, however, Ryan has done an excellent job in improving this since becoming our DC Manager. In fact, he recently begun testing and prepping for the upgrade to PHP 5.2.6 as well as Apache, MySQL, and a compilation of feature requests from customers that we will be implementing.


Once we have a solid date, we will be update the forums with maintenance notices .




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Although we do strive to maintain our servers at peak performance and security, sometimes it is a matter of setting task priorities on what components must be updated first relative to the risks presented. At the end of the day the risks that are mitigated with the php 5.2.6 update rank far lower than those of kernel updates and server software updates (such as bind dns, exim etc...). We already have a plan of action in place to update php 5.2.6 on our servers over the coming week and in addition we will be deploying a number of enhancements such as mysqli, pdo, soap and much more as standard components on all TCH servers.


If you have any further concerns, please feel free to detail them and we will address them for you.

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