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No, woodygap, you are not alone.


I think he looks very handsome in a suit. :lol:

Too bad the only two times I saw him in one was last year when we buried my Mom and this month when we buried my Dad.


I think he should get more use out of that fancy expensive suit and take his little wifey out to a nice place for dinner. Say, once a month? Once a week? Every day for supper?

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You look handsome in a suit and tie. Should put some happier times in it so it doesn't become the DREADED suit. Dinner out with your lovely wife would work! :lol:


In parts of Florida, we don't see many suits unless they are on Bankers and Insurance Agents :) . Many business men are dressed more casually these days. The image looks like the one you would find in a brokerage firm website/brochure.

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