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Email Problems... Am I In The Right Place?

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Hi! I was looking for the right forum to post this... but I don't see one regarding email problems. Did I miss it? If so, please point me in the right direction. I'm having two issues with email:


1. I noticed that I was getting emails that were several days old. I always keep just a few emails in my inbox, so it's noticeable when a new email comes in. I was seeing that emails were coming in older than ones I'd already seen. After a few days, I went to my cpanel to check my email... and sure enough (this was a Monday) there were several emails from the previous week (all the way back to Wednesday) just sitting there. For some reason, they weren't downloading into my Outlook program. What could cause this to happen (or not happen, as it were)?


2. I'm getting TONS of returned emails from emails I didn't send. I've heard of this happening... I'm guessing someone is using my email to send out spam? I had over 400 "delivery status notification" emails in my junk folder this morning. Is there anything I can do about this? Should I be concerned (as opposed to just annoyed)?


Thank you!




PS I just started using Total Choice Hosting email about 3 weeks ago. So I'm new to the process. They've hosted a web site for me for a long time, but I've not used the email part of it until now.

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I have seen the issue of email not downloading and it's not limited to Outlook as much as it is to what firewall software you are using on your computer.


We are on Road Runner and use CA's firewall and sometimes it will not download email unless the firewall has been turned off. I have not found any rhyme or reason to it.

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