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Question About Domain Change


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Hello all,

I recently lost my domain name and had to reactivate my site with a new hosting account and a new domain name. The old account is closed, and the DNS for the old domain are no longer pointing to Total Choice. Since that is the case, I expected to see an error message "cannot display the page", when I type in the old domain name. However, there is still an old version of my web site (from several years ago) being displayed when I type in the old address. The pictures are gone and the links don't work, but I am surprised that there is content there.


Can someone explain to me why that is happening? Where is the content coming from if the DNS for the old domain are parked elsewhere? Are those web pages floating in cyperspace somewhere? I am concerned that I will be completing with those old web pages for search engine ranking. Will this be a problem, or will those web pages eventually go away?


If it helps at all, my old site was at "catamenialpneumothorax.com" and the new site is "catamenial-pneumothorax.com"


I am confused!! ;)

Thanks for your help!

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Those pages are not going away. I can only assume that whomever purchased the domain decided to grab a cached copy of the site and put it online.

You will need to contact the host of that site and file a complaint about the stolen content.

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WOW! That's really cheeky! Pages are intact, including your names and email addy.

Didn't even bother to edit your Trellix web pages.

Definitely contact the host to complain.


I have a Trellix/CSB support site.

I will add your new site to the list of CSB sites I recommend to give you another incoming link to help Google to find you.

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Hello Dick and Samantha,

Thank you for your responses. I am not very technical so can you tell me what a "cached copy" is and how they would "grab it"? Also, do you have any idea why he would want to do that? Since it is on-line, does he pay to host it? I can understand "holding the domain name hostage" for a price, but don't understand what he gets out of hosting the old pages. Also, I know that the current registrar is Wildwest Domains, but how do I find out who the host is? Is that listed on the WhoIs?

Sorry for being so ignorant. I appreciate your patience with my simple questions.


Also, thanks Samantha, for the link. You helped me out a few months back when I wrote to you about tables. I really appreciated your help and was able to display our nice tables and bar graphs. We just updated the site a few months ago, and now no one can find it! It's very discouraging and disheartening that some people can be so mean. A hard lesson learned....


In any event, the family forum has always been helpful and very kind.

I am grateful to you all.


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Every time you visit a standard web page, your computer saves a copy of the page in your temporary files (your CACHE).

You can actually surf websites you have already visited while you are offline if you have your browser set that way!


You can also see that GOOGLE (and many other search engines) CACHE (save a copy) of web pages. Do a search for anything and you will see that the listings have CACHED choice underneath the link for the web page. This takes you to a stored COPY of the web page. This is handy sometimes when a site is offline temporarily.


There are many ways to take web pages from people and its not a good thing to describe on a forum. No reason to teach someone new tricks how to steal from others.


Why would someone do it? Here's a few reasons. There are more....

1) because they can

2) Hostage. Try to get you to pay extra for the site back.

3) Make money. Try to sell the domain on the open market for money, and can get more more money if it already has a search engine ranking. If there are no pages on the site, the ranking would drop, devaluing the name. Some popular sites with traffic are watched/flagged for renewal dates so they can be grabbed if the opportunity presents.

4) Revenge or spite. Do you know anyone that has a grudge against you and would purposely be hateful?


A reputable host (like TCH) would look into a complaint of stolen content. TCH has shut down sites with WAREZ and other inappropriate content. Hopefully the one they are with will respond in your favor.

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You can watch for other copies of your webpages by visiting this website:



Put in the address of one of your web pages.

Copyscape will look for your content on other pages.


It works. A while back, I found that a poem I had written was being passed off as someone elses work on another site! Got it taken down. Kinda flattering (and surprising) that someone thought that highly of what I had written but come on, give me credit don't claim you wrote it! :) After all, I am not gifted with language skills so I may only have a couple poems in me to last a lifetime! :D

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Hi, i'm sorry but i've got the exact same problem.


My team of colleague/friends had slackerbitch.org domain since 2003 and we kept changing the domain and host responsibilities between the 3 of us, but this year we let the renewal expire and didn't get it on time because someone else had it reserved. We tried to negotiate but they were asking a stupid amount of money for it, so we bought slackerbitch.eu instead. We got things ruuning at the new domain and the last couple of days we noticed that our old site was cached back at our old domain. What can we do to make them remove it, since it's confusing to our forum members, even though everyone has been notified about the change.

Their whois information is now private.

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